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Some tips to increase the battery life of Smartphones

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If you use a smartphone, often the battery of the phone will be disturbed by the early end. The end of the battery life of the phone is a hassle for everyone. Nowadays, every work requires a smartphone. That's why every person wants his phone to never be switched off.

If you are worried about the smartphone's battery life, then this post for you is your work and can help you in this matter.

The battery life of the phone affects many factors. If your smartphone is also running out of batteries then there is a problem and if you want to address this problem then you have to take care of some bad things.

Today I have been given some tips in this post, so you can improve your smartphone's Better Life. Read the post to learn and apply it.

: - So let's start-

1. (Background Apps)

Background apps eliminate the battery of your phone very quickly. Even when you do not use your phone, it keeps on eliminating your phone's Bettery. By closing the apps running in Background, you free your phone to hardware resources.

As the load on the Processor and Ram decreases, the better life of your phone increases. So, turn off background apps if the phone is not used.

3.(Display Brightness)

The screen uses the best fity in the smartphone. The more the phone will be display brightness, the more quickly the phone's battery will end. With Auto/Adaptive brightness, the power of the screen rests with power. You should switch it to Manual Brightness Control and for better results it should switch to 20 to 40% brightness.

4.(Gesture Control)

Gesture keeps working because of Touch and Air Gesture Controls. This reduces battery life. You should change the settings of your smartphone and close the gesture. These features are not for regular use. Switching off these will not have any Negetive effect on your productivity.

5.(3G/LTE Connectivity)

If you switch off data in your phone then you will notice that your phone's battery life has doubled. But there is no work of smartphone without Data Connectivity.

If you keep the 3G / LTE data modes, it eliminates more battery than 2G data mod. If you are chating on whatsapp or facebook or sending an email then you should keep 2G data switch. Only when you need high speed should you turn ON 3G / LTE mod. This will greatly improve the battery life of your smartphone.

6.(Auto Update)

When you connect a smartphone to wifi, the app in the smartphone itself gets updated automatically. This setting is in By Default app resource. This means that all the apps on your phone are checked for updates as soon as you connect to wifi. It has a lot of battery usage.

The Auto Update feature should be turned off by going to App Store Settings. This feature also happens in whatsapp. All photos and videos start downloading automatically when you connect to wifi in Whatsapp. With this happens, both your smartphone's battery and data end up, so keep these features closed. Doing so will improve your phone's bettery life.

7.(Voice Assistant)

Android smartphones always come in listening mod for voice control. When the user says "Ok Google" it becomes active.

To turn this off, you have to go to the Google app and go to Voice in Settings and turn off "Ok Google". This will save your phone's battery to a great extent.

8.(Connectivity Off)

Turning on connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS, your phone's battery is much worse. Continuation of wifi keeps searching for wifi network for continuous connectivity. Similarly, GPS remains active for the location and keeps searching.

By doing so, your phone's battery is the worst. So keep these features in mind and turn them on as you need them.

(Smartphone Apps For Battery Management)

battry sarver app

If you want your smartphone's battery to last longer, you can try these apps -

1.DU Battery Saver

This app is loaded with battery saver features for users. This app uses a lot of users to save battery.
There are features like One-Tap battery optimization, battery detection, battery monitor. There are many pre-set modes for battery saving. It has a charger manager, which monitors and regulates battery usage.

2.Bettery Doctor

You can close the app in one tap with this app. You can set it in such a way that all the apps will be automatically closed every time the screen is off.

This app provides features like the battery's correct status, temperature, charging time and unique 3 charging system. There are also several power saving modes. It also tells battery saver tips.

3.Avast Battery Saver

This app gives you customizable profile according to usages. You can set all of these. This app gives suggestions for optimum charging by analyzing your uses and histroricle data.

This app also gives you features like One-Tap optimization and battery status like other apps.

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