Which Is Right For You Blogspot vs WordPress ?

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Which Is Right For You Blogspot vs WordPress:- If You Want To Blogging And Want To Make Your Website, And You Are Confused In Blogspot Vs WordPress, Do Not Worry, Today I'm Going To Share My Experience With You Which Will Be Right For You. So You Will Easily Understand Which One Will Be Best For You Blogspot Vs WordPress.

First Of All, The Question Is, Why Do You Want To Become A Blogger. There Can Be Many Reasons, Like Earning Money Online, To Show Your Talent To The World. Etc

I Will Compare At Every Point And Tell You, Which Platform Will Be Right For You And Why, So That You Can Select According To Your Needs, On Which You Have To Make Your Website.

blogger vs werdpress

Which Is Right For You Blogspot Vs WordPress And Why?

1. Which Is Easy To Use Blogspot Vs WordPress?

Which Is Easy To Use Blogspot Vs WordPress:- If You Are New, And You Have Some Technical Knowledge Then You Can Use Blogspot Easily. Because In This You Will Not Have To Do Any Such Technical Work, Just A Little Bit Of Work. Like Such As Inserting The Adsense Code, And Making Menus And Doing Some Small Work.

To Use WordPress, It Is Important To Have A Little Technical Knowledge. Because We Have To Add WordPress To Hosting. There Are Many More Technical Jobs You Could Have To Do. Like Putting Some Html Codes And Many More. But Even If You Want To Work In WordPress, You Will Find All These Tutorials On Youtube Which Will Help You A Lot.

In Simple Words, You Will Not Have To Face Any Errors To Blogging In Blogspot. Making A Facebook Account Like Normal Is As Easy As Making Blogs In It. But The Process On WordPress Is A Bit Complicated. Everything On It Is Not That Easy. If You Are New Then I Suggest That You Start With Blogspoter, You Will Also Get An Experience, And Next Time You Will Be Able To Work On WordPress,

2. Price (Budget) Blogspot Vs WordPress.

Which Is Easy To Use Blogspot Vs WordPress:- Blogspot  Is Absolutely Free, You Do Not Have To Spend A Single Penny In It. If You Want You Can Buy Your Domain Otherwise You Will Not Pay A Penny In Blogspot And Your Website Will Be Ready For Free. And You Can Make Your Website Free, Your Earning Will Be Start.

WordPress Is Also A Free Platform, If You Want To Work From WordPress Then You Can. But Here You Will Have To Buy Hosting. But If You Can Buy Hosting And Your Budget Is. You Can Spend Money So You Can Work On WordPress, It Is Quite Good.

3. Feature Comparison Blogspot Vs WordPress

Feature Comparison Blogspot Vs WordPress:-  If You Are Using Blogspot, Or You Want To Work On It So I Want To Tell You That In Blogspot You Will Be Able To Use Only Those Features Which Are Given In It. And Apart From This Nothing New Can Do. While This Is Not So In WordPress.

Now Let's Tell You About WordPress. In WordPress You Can Use Features From A Lot Of Things. For Example, If You Want To Show Your Article Good, The Plugin Comes. The Plugin Comes In For You To Do Your SEO Well. It Means You Can Do Anything You Can Add Any New Features In It.

4. Good For SEO Blogspot vs WordPress

Good For SEO Blogspot vs WordPress:- If You Talk About SEO, Both Are Fine. In Blogs You Move Slowly. In WordPress You Can Use Plugins To Make Your SEO Good And Well Maintained.  And Many Things Are The Same In Both. As We Had Already Told You, You Can Use Plugins In WordPress. And You Can Rank Your Website Well. But There Are Such Plugins Comes In WordPress. Like All In One Seo, Yoast Seo, With The Help Of Which Can Write Posts By Setting Keywords, Which Helps Us Greatly. And We Are Going To Know Automatic, What Is The Density Of Our Keyword, Which We Have Targeted In The Post.

If You Are Putting Posts Only Using WordPress Without Using Any Plugin, Blogspot Is The Best For You. Why WordPress Is Giving You Freedom. To Get Your Post Written Properly, Then To Rank It, You Can Use All Those Things And Get Your Website Ranked.Blogspot

5. Who Is Secure Blogspot vs WordPress?

Who Is Secure Blogspot vs WordPress:- Now Let's Talk About Security. So There Is No Such Website In The World That Is 100% Secure. Governments  Sites Are Hacked Up To Whatever You Can Do To Avoid Hacking, Do That.

We Use Gmail Id To Create Blogs On Blogspot. After That We Can Create Blogs. And Hacking To Gmail Is Not A Joke. But In WordPress We Have To Use Our User Id Normal, As If Anyone Is Placed In The Url. Www.Example.Com/Wp-Admin Then Your Website's Login Page Will Arrive.

First Of All You Have To Do. You Have To Change The Url Of Your Login Page. And To Secure Your Website For Which You Can Use These Plugins. Ithemes Security Or Wordfence Both These Are Good Security Plugins. And If You Give Your 100%, Then It Will Be Difficult To Hack Someone For Your Website. And Never Use Generating Passwords, And Keep Backup Your Website Every Week.

And To Bloggers, I Would Like To Say, Keep Your Personal Email Separate. And The Blogs That Make It The Second One. And If Your Id Does Not Tell Anyone Then It Will Be Difficult To Hacker

blogger vs wordpress

6.Make Professional Website Blogspot Vs WordPress?

Who Is Secure Blogspot Or WordPress:- A Normal Website Can Be Made On Both Of You And This Is Easy. But You Have To Create A Good And Professional Website. If You Are Good At Seeing And Attractive, Then You Can Make It On WordPress. Because You Will Find That Many Themes. Which Can Give A Professional Look To Your Website.

We Can Not Add More To Blogspot But On WordPress We Can Create Such Website As We Like. These Are The Best Sites To Build. All The More Are Available On WordPress. In Blogspot We Use Templates For Design And As Such, We Have To Work On Them. But This Is Not So In WordPress, It Can Do Whatever We Like.

My Opinion Is. If You Are New, Then Create Your Website On Blogspot As It Is Easy And Free Too. It Is Not That You Have Created A Website On Your Blogspot. And You Know Well. So Now You Can Not Transfer It To WordPress. If You Have Learned Well, You Can Transfer It To WordPress. On The Internet You Will Find Tutorials For This.

Friends, Now You Have Understood That Both Blogspot vs WordPress Are Good And What Should Be Used Now. If You Have Any Question Than Ask Me In Comments .

Blogspot vs WordPress
WordPress 87%
Blogspot 67%

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