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What is the virus

Friends, today in this post we are going to discuss about computer viruses and tell you about some types of computer viruses.

The full name of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Siege. There are small programs in the virus computer, which are the automated execute program which can penetrate into the computer and affect the functioning of the computer. This is called virus. Viruses can steal your computer system, hack your computer or steal your personal information from your computer.

virus system failure

- Computer virus is a computer program that can copy and infect a computer without the user's permission and the computer user does not even know it. The virus can copy itself from one computer to another computer. A virus can only be reached from one computer to the other when its host is brought to an uninfected computer.

To keep the computer safe from viruses, it is important to understand the virus. So let's know about the computer virus and some of its types.

Computer Viruses or Computer Virus Types


The virus is a computer program that copies itself. It reaches one file from one file and from one computer to another. The virus can reach PCs from one PC to another via a pen drive.


Malware and virus are both different terms. Malware is the General Term, which means malicious software, i.e. anything that damages your computer. Malware includes viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, spyware, etc.

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Spyware is software that is installed on the computer and collects information and sends the software to the builder. It steals personal information.


The user has a message that it is free antivirus and click on the link to download it. By clicking on such links, this scanner can come into your computer. It can damage your computer and personal information.

So friends, all such viruses can get rid of your computer and your personal information may leak too. To avoid such viruses, you should keep your computer away from the infected device and keep an antivirus installed from your computer. Antivirus will help you prevent the virus from occurring in your computer and eliminate the already existing virus.


Antivirus is a software that prevents any malware from coming into the computer. If the computer has detected malware, then detection of it and removal of it from there is also antivirus work.

If you use more internet on your computer then you should have a premium antivirus in your computer to avoid viruses and if you do not use more Internet then you can insert free antivirus in your computer to avoid viruses.

Some good and free computer antivirus

These free antivirus can also protect your computer or laptop from viruses. That's it in today's post. Stay connected to other similar posts with the Technical Guruji website.
 Thank you.

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