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top 5 android games 2018
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Hello Friends Today I Am Going To Show You Top 5 Android Games 2018 If You Want To Know About This Games Than View All Articles.I found these games which are really very popular with the Great user experience

lara croft relic run

today we are going to show you Top 5 Android Games 2018. all these Games will be run on Android smartphones.

In This Article, I Will Show You. Android Games That Are Very Funny Games. And You All Will Enjoy Playing It. Because In All These Video Games You Will Be Having Fun Because In This Game You Will Find Adventure, Action, Suspense, And Fun And You Can Enjoy All This. So Let's Move On Without Taking Much Of Your Time. On The Top 5 Android Games 2018 And Show You All The Funny Games

I Have Started It Very Soon. I Should Have Published This Article. I Do Not Want My Readers To Wait Until 2018 To Get Top Android Games 2018. In This List, I Am Telling You Something About Some Sports That Are Going To Break The Record In. To Make Sure These Top 5 Android Games 2018 Will Be Loved, Check Once

1.Shadow Fight 3


Full series of Shadow Fight is developed by  Nikki. Let's talk first, Shadow Fight 3, These games are totally free for the Android user and this game is offline android game. In the Shadow Fight 3 game, you get many players and you have to choose one player. It is a game to save the world from the darkness. And you will save the world and you will come in front of you with a lot of players and you have to beat everyone. Your aim to kill all enemies. and to reach boss Titans. Titan is the most powerful opponent that you have to beat the titan to close the door of the shadow.
The gameplay is addictive and the overall experience is attractive because it is built on realistic battle moves. You have to complete all the challenging steps, it consists of four levels, and in all levels, you have to face different characters

Top 5 Android Games 2018

2.Lara Croft Relic Run

lara croft relic run

in this game, we talk about action game this game is Lara Croft relic run is an adventure game which is all about the ruins of ancient civilization.Here the game is based on ancient secrets, in this game, you will get 4 levels. And in every level, you will get a secret that you have to solve. And in every level, you will find your enemy and you have to kill them and at the end of the level, you will get a dragon. You also have to die. When you kill him then you will reach the next mission. And the first level you will get the forest, and the second level will get you sands and the third level you will get icy. And these games are quite fun games. You're going to have fun if you play it. I myself have to play this game. Truly these games are Amazing, and these games will be very popular in 2018.

Top 5 Android Games 2018

3.Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

you love car racing and you never played this game than first you go down and download this game. and you will come again in this post and you will say me thank you. because this game is not an only car race. when you will play this game then you feel you are driving the real car. because this is the only one car race who I really love it. I'll tell you some of its specialty, Asphalt 8 Airborne. you can play offline this game. and you want to play multiplayer. then you can play online. gays believe me when you play this game you will really enjoy it. and when I free than a going to play this game and I spent a lot of my time. this games gives you high-quality user interface and with the amazing soundtrack. 

4.Victor 2

victor 2

victor 2 is an action game in your player is kept captive. And you have to take him away and you have to run and your enemies are running behind you.It is locked in a jail where it is very difficult to get out and it is located everywhere dangerous lager lights and And it is bombarded everywhere. And if you bump into those laser lights you'll die. And in this, you are given levels. And you have to cross those correct levels. If you do not cross them all. So you are caught again. And in this, you are given levels. And you have to cross those correct levels. If you do not cross them all. So you are caught again. And all these missions are very fun. And enjoying it is quite fun. And if you play the game once you will enjoy it too.

5. Riptide GP

Riptide GP

are looking for a good and action racing game, with the super graphics experience then this game is amazing because in this game you get an adventure with action. And this is a different kind of racing game that will make your experience a lot better.The name of the game is the Ritiped GP series. Riptide games are the best racing game, which is Android's gaming apps, the game includes a good graphics, simple controls, attractive moves and a boost system that can help and achieve an edge. and it will help you win. The best thing about it is its control and its graphic is quite good. it gives you a good experience. you'll love it. 

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