Vodafone launched cheapest phone with Micromax bharat 2 in just 999 to beat jio phone full details and review

bharat 2
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Micromax Bharat 2 (Vodafone)

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Vodafone India has launched a very cheap smart phone today. Now after jio and Airtel, Vodafone has also opened its address and has announced the launch of a new mobile and it is claimed to be the cheapest phone ever.

This phone has brought Vodafone into partnership with Micromax. And the price of this phone is only 999 rupees. These mobile launches will be in december.

Today I will tell you full information about this phone and will tell you, what is the phone really worth 999 rupees?


  • Bharat 2 Launch in December
  • This Phone Price May Be 2899
  • Vodafone to offer cash backs of Rs. 1,900 in 36 months

Vodafone launched 4G smart phone at price of just 999 rupees:-

After thejio phone, Vodafone has also announced to launch its cheapest mobile phone in India. Because after the arrival of jio Phone, many companies are moving in the race to launch their own mobile phones and Vodafone phone could not be left behind in this work, so today Vodafone has even told that they have a smart phone of their own. It is coming, which will cost only Rs 999 .. By the way, you will get this phone at the beginning of 2899. Vodafone to offer cash backs of Rs. 1,900 in 36 months This mobile Vodafone is coming with Micromax, which is named after it. Bharat 2. Earlier, Micromax has already taken BHARAT1 with BSNL.

This phone will be launched with the special offer of VODAFONE. With which many plans will be made and after working on it, the price of this phone will be refunded back to you.

What is Vodafone Offer's And How To Get You Cashback:-

The way Airtel has launched its mobile with KARBON MOBILE a few days ago, this phone has been brought together with VODAFONE MICROMAX.In order to buy this phone you will first have to give Rs. 2899..and you can post later. Recharge of Rs 150 will be charged every month. 

After that if you recharge 150 ₹ every month for 18 months, you will be given cashback of Rs 900 after 18 months.

And after 18 months you recharge 150 rupees per month, you will be given 1000 rupees and will be refunded.
In this case, if you recharge up to 150 rupees for 36 months every month, you will get a cash credit of Rs.1900 and you will get this mobile only in 999

So this Vodafone's smart mobile and its recharge plan.

How to get cash back return

The cashback of Rs.1900 will be available in Vodafone's Wallet, which you can use in any type of digital use.

Micromax vodafone bharat 2 mobile full specifications:-


micromax bharat 2




1300 mAH


quade core spreadtrum sc9832

screen size

4 inch


4 GB


512 MB

front camera

2 mega pixle

rear camera

0.3 mega pixle


android 6.0

According to Micromax, its India Series phone is a very good phone and so far 2 million people are using this phone.

What really is the vodafone mobile (bharat 2) 999: -

Friends, the truth is that this is not a phone worth Rs 999. You can think of yourself that for 36 months, recharge 150 rupees and then you will get Rs 1900 rupees. What nonsense plan is taken by vodafone .. In my opinion, there is already a bad plan, so there is nothing in it.

Should you buy vodafone Bharat 2: -

not at all.. Because if you are a good mobile user then what will you do in 512 MB .. nothing will happen.. Nor does the battery have any fire ... so you will not be able to buy mobile with this waste.
Better than this, you can get some good phone by spend some more rupees ..

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